The Window Treatment For Entry Door Sidelights: Sidelight Shutters in Fort Myers

We commonly have customers ask us when the consultation is over, as we’re ready to leave: “Can you put anything on these small windows by my front door?” And we say, “We can install sidelight shutters!"

Floridians were tired of the small metal drapery rod installed on the top and bottom of a sidelight window, with a set of rod-pocket sheers in between, blocking the light and the view. Sidelight windows were made for allowing in light. So why would you block it? Besides that, those curtains can go through daily wear and tear, with guests, kids, and pets walking in and out of your entry door on a daily basis.

Despite hold-downs attached to the bottom, blinds sooner or later bang and rattle as the wind gusts when the door is opened and closed.

Your home’s best alternative isn’t to hide your sidelight windows. It’s to highlight them with elegant interior sidelight shutters in Fort Myers. And best of all? Shutters remain tight to the doorframe as the panels are opened and closed.

How Are Sidelight Shutters Installed?

We begin by measuring the dimensions of the windows. We note where the door frame meets the glass. We can construct the shutter frames to cover just the glass – or the frame can cover the whole section by adding a large rail to the top and bottom to mask the panel next to the door door.

Entry Door Sidelight Shutters In Fort Myers, FL

In many cases, the panels will be able to open and sit against the wall that’s next to the door. This provides you with an unobstructed view of outside if the panels are opened and complete privacy when they’re closed.

With our unique Polywood® shutters, we can design your shutters to enhance your entry doors. A larger rail at the bottom will block the wall space the shutter is in front of. This way, the shutter louvers can start where the glass is – instead of going over the space below.

We can install Polywood shutters on doors made of wood, steel, or fiberglass. Set your mind at ease, because we’ll walk you through deciding on the frame style, louver size, paint and stain colors, and other options. When we go to our shop, we’ll order your hand-built plantation shutters with enough space for the louvers to operate effortlessly – and a look that genuinely highlights your entry door.

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