More Shutter Myths Debunked

Charlie Cole and Brady Parker

Our Fort Myers shutter team has exposed some shutter myths in the past. During our last myth-debunking binge, we exposed some of the most common misunderstandings people have regarding plantation shutters in Fort Myers.

This time, the Sunburst Shutters Fort Myers team is back to set it straight on a couple more myths we’ve heard from homeowners in and around Florida. Let’s get started.

Myth: “Plantation shutters don’t look good in anything except Southern houses.”

When some homeowners hear the phrase “plantation shutters,” their minds stick to the image of a huge, sprawling southern house surrounded by hills. Although it’s true that the shutters owe their name to that location and time, plantation shutters were actually popular much earlier and much later than 19th Century Southern America.

Fort Myers pink living room with shutters 
Plantation shutters almost definitely picked up their name because they were commonly found in nearly every home of the time. Because of their immense popularity in the south–with their ability to protect the home interior from intense heat, as well as offering excellent views for those huge houses–the name stayed.

However, plantation shutters can give those very same perks to any style of home. Craftsman style houses can utilize shutters, just as Colonial homes, Prairie houses, and even lake houses can.

Myth: “My home‘s style won’t work with shutters.”

Because plantation shutters have been so popular for so long, some people may have gotten the impression that shutters may look a little boring. We’ve heard a customer say before that their home was “too distinct” to use shutters, which was a big head-scratcher–since shutters are the one window treatment that can accentuate any style.

Fort Myers man cave with shutters
Shutters are versatile and can work with any style, from modern living room to cozy man cave. And don’t forget, shutters are still used to this day for a reason: they just don’t go out of style. Put in a set of the latest and trendiest shades and they’ll look passé in just a few seasons. Shutters stay beautifully in fashion for decades, especially when you install patented Polywood plantation shutters.

Myth: “Blinds and shutters are basically the same.”

For some reason, there’s a lot of confusion over the difference between shutters and blinds. Perhaps it has to do with homeowners conflating “slats” and “louvers,” or it’s the similarity in shape that causes the confusion. No matter the reason, shutters and blinds are pretty easy to distinguish when you look at their features. Below is a basic breakdown of the two.

What’s the difference?



Can they block out the entire window?




Dangles from cord

Solid frame mounted on to window frame


Will wear down or deteriorate after 2-3 years.

Will easily last 20+ years.

Permanent or temporary?



Can they increase home value?



Energy Efficiency


Can block up to 50% of heat from the sun.

Specialty Windows

Can only fit rectangular windows.

Can fit any specialty shape windows.

What are the horizontal parts called?



Myth #4: “All window treatments are similar in energy efficiency.”

Like the “Blinds vs. Shutters” table shows, window treatments can vary by a wide margin on how much energy efficiency they offer. The structure, material, and finish will all make a difference in how energy efficient a window treatment can be.

At the bottom rung of energy efficiency is leaving your window completely bare. Offering only slightly more energy efficiency are your typical department store mini blinds. Up a little further on the spectrum are draperies and heavier fabric window treatments. Getting even closer to energy efficient territory we have typical wood shutters and honeycomb shades, built to offer UV protection and heat reduction. But the real king of the hill in energy efficiency is Polywood plantation shutters, built to both reflect and block outside temperature from moving through your window.

No More Shutter Myths

If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of half truths regarding shutters, we want to throw you a lifeline. Call Sunburst Shutters Fort Myers today at 239-208-6577 to speak to one of our pros and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation to find your perfect shutter or window treatment today.