Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style in Fort Myers?

Charlie Cole and Brady Parker

Interior window products like plantation shutters are an important feature in your house, so it’s natural to wonder if they’ll ever go the way of shag carpeting and wood paneling. You know these durable shutters hold up against the wear and tear of constant daily use better than other window treatments, but what about their future appeal? Are plantation shutters out of style in Fort Myers or going out soon?

You’ll be happy to know, the answer is an empathic No!

Plantation Shutters Stand the Test of Time

Plantation shutters with wide slats.

There’s a reason plantation shutters are a sought-after solution for interior windows. Their mix of style and light control stands the test of time.

Plantation shutters are designed with wide slats that adjust gracefully to allow sunlight. They brighten up the room when the sun is out, then direct light away when sun glare causes issues. Or you can close them completely for total privacy. Their functionality and solid construction have made plantation shutters a smart choice for centuries.

Most notably, homeowners in Fort Myers prefer plantation shutters for their longevity. They’re hung with a complete frame so that they won’t become dislodged with an errant bump or an overly rough tug. When comparing, interior shutters are longer lasting than blinds, curtains, or window shades.

In this day and age, you can purchase them manufactured with a more durable substitute wood. Faux-wood shutters, like our Polywood® Shutters, are resistant to chips, cracks, warping, and splitting. They are even easy to clean with a lightly dampened cloth, which means there will be no need to spend money on replacements. As an added bonus, they fit every décor!

Plantation Shutters Are Suitable for All Styles

Polywood shutters in a Fort Myers dining room.

For the style-savvy homeowner in Fort Myers, rest assured that your finely crafted shutters will never fall out of your style. Their impeccable style invokes a distinctive design statement that works nicely with various styles of home décor. Plantation shutters can be found in a variety of neutral whites and wood stains that are a breeze to match or coordinate with as interior styles evolve. The same rich wood stain, for example, works well with traditional and more contemporary styles.

Plantation shutters also keep up with energy-saving needs. As minimizing HVAC costs never go out of fashion, you definitely want a window treatment that blocks heat loss into and out of your windows. Polywood shutters offer superior insulation that keeps interiors comfortable without over-using your HVAC equipment. In fact, Polywood is up to 1600% more effective than aluminum blinds -- which lost their appeal decades ago!

Plantation Shutters Are Always A Smart Choice in Fort Myers! Especially with Sunburst Shutters Fort Myers!

Plantation shutters in a corner window.

Your custom plantation shutters will always be a stylish option with Sunburst Shutters Fort Myers. We provide free in-home consultations to guarantee you understand all the benefits of these timeless window treatments. Schedule your meeting today by contacting us at 239-208-6577 or by filling out the form below.