How To Black Out Your Windows In Fort Myers

Charlie Cole and Brady Parker

Off-the-shelf ”blackout” window coverings advertise complete light control, keeping your room dark, energy-efficient, and private. The problem is, they don’t fit your exact window measurements as light intrudes at the sides. Alternatively, try made-to-order roller shades or plantation shutters to black out windows in Fort Myers. Custom-crafted roller shades can be thick enough and will match the dimensions of your window opening to ensure darkness, while interior shutters insulate windows.

Black out shades in a living room 

Made-to-Order Roller Shades Eliminate Outside Light

If you want to black out windows in Fort Myers for optimal privacy and darkness, use custom roller shades. These window treatments come in a quality material that’s opaque to prohibit exterior light from entering.  If you get customized roller shades, your window treatment professional will measure your windows and make sure your new products are exactly right for your window size so that there is little to no gapping. When lowering the roller shades, they will completely cover the window pane and won’t leave any space for sunlight to peek through.

Installing made-to-order room darkening roller shades will also improve your home’s insulation ability. A tick material and exact fit are great in keeping out excess heat and cold patched. You will appreciate feeling warmer in winter and more comfortable in the summertime with your light-inhibiting shades, and you could see some savings on utility bills.

Roller shades are good looking as well. The word “blackout” doesn’t apply to the color of the shade. These effective coverings are available in colors ranging from black to white in many attractive styles and patterns. Blackout fabric is heavy enough to block out light. Blackout roller shades are a fashionable way to impede the sun’s rays when an absence of light is required for bedtime, a movie, or keeping a room cool.

Plantation shutters in a living room

Plantation Shutters Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Most people are in the market for window treatments in Fort Myers for better energy efficiency. Preventing hot sunshine and cold air that invades through your windows helps maintain your home’s comfort while keeping energy costs low. Blackout shades and blinds made of heavy fabrics or other materials may improve efficiency, but interior shutters typically work better. They are constructed with weatherstripping around all edges that insulates windows better than most other options. When closing your sturdy interior shutters, this beneficial insulating quality keeps out the oppressive summertime heat and winter’s bitter cold. Your home’s furnace and AC won’t have to work as hard, while your home stays a comfortable temperature without the high energy costs.

Interior shutters can also be used to block light. They don’t move with every breeze or bump like shades, drapes, and blinds because they’re constructed of a dense material. The shutter panels are custom-made for your exact window opening. There is limited space along the perimeter for sunshine to creep in like you get with store-bought blinds and window shades. The slats are also crafted to fall into place together and allow just a shred of exterior light when you close them.

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