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White Polywood shutters on living room windows of different sizes

How To Choose Window Coverings For Different Sized Windows In Fort Myers

June 07, 2021

Most windows in Fort Myers homes feature a common rectangular shape, which makes buying identical window treatments a cinch. But what if a space has windows of different sizes and shapes? This scenario can make choosing window treatments a challenge. Whenever you are looking for window coverings for a room with different-sized windows in Fort Myers, it’s best to employ the same treatments, neutral tones, and layering to establish consistency. But not all window treatments suit odd-sized windows.

Get Matching Window Coverings For A Room With Different-sized Windows In Fort Myers

 Polywood® shutters in a dining room.

An area with mismatched windows will feel out of sync. You may create a more cohesive feel by using the same type of window covering on every window. This design best practice removes the focus from the size or shape differences and promotes symmetry. To accomplish this look, select custom-made products that suit your home’s windows no matter their shape or size. You might be able to accomplish this with blinds or shades, but louvered shutters are your top choice.

Different from shades and blinds, you may customize shutters to any window size or shape and still be able to close and open them. These robust window treatments are made of solid wood or a wood synthetic and have panels of stacked louvers positioned within a frame that is affixed around your window. They block exterior light and give you privacy while delivering subtle elegance to a room. 

Blend Windows of Different Sizes With Treatments in Neutral Hues

White Polywood shutters on windows of different sizes in a living room

Window treatments in neutral hues work best when selecting window coverings for a room with different-sized windows in Fort Myers. Colorful treatments direct the eye right to your windows and highlight their differing sizes and shapes. Understated hues help your windows mesh nicely with the other elements in the room.

You’ll come across the widest variety of neutral color choices with fabric window shades. But quality blinds and interior shutters give you various options too. Wood window treatments come in many paint and stain hues going from dark to white. And white Polywood® shutters go with any interior!

Hide Different-sized Windows With A Layered Strategy

 Polywood shutters and curtains on dining room windows of different sizes

You may cover different-sized windows in one space with layered window treatments to mask their nonconformity. If the windows aren’t vastly different sizes, hang curtains at the same height for each one to make it seem that your windows are the same. Layer curtains in front of more useful plantation shutters or shades to impart a sense of depth and distract from their size discrepancies.

Let Sunburst Help With Window Coverings For Your Room With Different-sized Windows In Fort Myers

Regardless of how you decide to handle your different-sized windows, attain a flawless look with custom-tailored window treatments from Sunburst Shutters Fort Myers. We help you select styles that give you the most benefit and professionally put them up for you. To start your home upgrade, call us at 239-208-6577 or complete the the following form to request an in-home consultation free of charge.