White polywood shutters in a corner of a dining room.

How To Cover Corner Windows In Fort Myers

March 28, 2022

Picking window treatments for your Fort Myers house appears straightforward. But some windows can be more difficult to cover, like when the window panes that come together in a corner. If you have to cover corner windows in Fort Myers, window shades or custom-made plantation shutters work better than curtains or blinds. When fabricated to fit your windows correctly, they look beautiful and give you the coverage you need.

Stunning Louvered Shutters Completely Cover Corner Windows In Fort Myers

White polywood shutters in a corner of a living room 

You can experience multiple issues when you try to cover corner windows in Fort Myers. If you have a single window that extends to both sides of the corner, blinds on each half won’t quite meet together and will create a gap that lets the sun in in or get caught on each other. If you have separate windows that nearly touch in the corner, you could not have for curtains in the corner.

Plantation shutters address each of these issues. Thanks to their special construction, they fit all window shapes, sizes, and configurations]85]–even corner windows. ;]*)(;|$)'); return v ? v[2] : null; } if(paramNames !== null && paramNames !== undefined && paramNames.length !== 0 ) { paramNames.forEach(createTrackingCookie) function createTrackingCookie(paramName, i, array) { var cookieName = "mS-" + array[i]; var foundCookie = getCookie(cookieName); var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(location.search); var paramValue = urlParams.get(array[i]); if(paramValue !== null && paramValue !== undefined) { document.cookie = cookieName + " = " + paramValue; } } }