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How To Find Insulating Shutters For Your Windows In Fort Myers

November 07, 2016

Installing plantation shutters is a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your Fort Myers windows–if you find the proper products. Not all interior shutters will insulate your windows in the best fashion, so you need to try and find some key characteristics. However, when you discover a shutter that prevents the loss of heat, you might enjoy a reduced utility bill!

So how do you know when you’ve discovered true insulating shutters for windows in Fort Myers?

Shouldn’t All Types Of Window Treatments Insulate Your Fort Myers Window?

White Polywood shutters within a large bedroom. 

Various types of window coverings can help block drafts and heat to some extent if you draw them closed, but that doesn’t mean they will all insulate your windows. To illustrate, metal blinds let drafts and heat go right through them, giving you almost no benefits. Window shades perform a bit better -- specifically cellular shades that are made to hold heat close to the window so it can't escape. But, for truly insulating window treatments in Fort Myers, choose plantation shutters.

Louvered shutters are window coverings that include hinged panels attached to a frame customized to your window. The panels may be opened or shut and consist of a row of adjustable slats that you have the ability to tilt open or closed. Because this product is built around the window, you get rid of various gaps where air might get past. Close the louvers, and you'll discover why louvered shutters are the best insulating window treatments in Fort Myers.

What Is The Top Kind Of Interior Shutter For Insulation In Fort Myers?

White Polywood shutters within an office. 

Sadly, not all interior shutters have the same amount of insulating ability. Some options use vinyl slats. These louvers are usually hollowed out and let air sieve right through them. They can also distort and fracture quite easily, leading to openings for heat loss.

Wood interior shutters work better for insulation. They have greater density and ensnare air more effectively than vinyl shutters. Faux-wood shutters are more impressive, as the substance can be made to be more compact than real wood. They can even be fabricated to never warp, break, or fracture, so you won’t see unexpected spaces in your window fashion.

But the top insulating interior shutters in Fort Myers are Polywood® shutters. Their impenetrable composite material blocks the sun’s heat and closes snugly to stave off drafting. And the innovative weatherstripping confines air from around your window frame before it enters into your living space. Actually, Polywood's unique insulating quality gives you up to 30 degrees less heat conveyance from your windows than any other window treatment! This degree of efficiency lets your HVAC system use less energy to sustain a comfortable environment, and you save money on your energy bills.

What’s the Best Place To Track Down Insulating Shutters For Windows In Fort Myers?

Special shaped arch windows above a stairwell. 

Many window product retailers and big home improvement stores sell plantation shutters. You even have the option to order DIY shutter kits from websites and put them up when you can. But keep in mind, an abundance of these shutters won’t have the specific features of insulating shutters, and not all homeowners have the skill to install shutters appropriately and complete a custom-tailored fitting.

The best location to track down insulating shutters for windows in Fort Myers is a trusted, made-to-order window treatment supplier that gives you premium shutters and precision installation. You’ll be in a better position to discover what you are looking for when working with an operation that is specialized in interior shutters. Sunburst Shutters, for instance, has over four decades of experience installing customized shutters, and our Polywood options elevate the efficiency of your window more than any type of window treatment.

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