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Cellular shades on bullnose windows

The Best Window Treatments For Bullnose Windows In Fort Myers

July 01, 2021

Bullnose windows have rounded corners that offer a soft, finished look. Because their outlines aren’t at angles like standard styles, you may be wondering what window treatments to use on bullnose windows in Fort Myers. When your goal is to show off their curved perimeters, install your chosen shade inside the window opening. If you prize window treatments that offer energy savings, privacy and solid construction over the appearance of those rounded edges, select interior shutters connected to a supporting frame around the outside of the window.

Gray cellular shades in a window

Bring Attention To Your Bullnose Windows With Window Shades

There are a limited number of properties with bullnose windows, so it’s understandable if you’re looking to have them on display to provide your Fort Myers property a design focal point. Customized roller shades allow you to show off your round edges but still cover your window’s glass panes for effective control of sunlight and privacy. Your window covering sales rep will record the measurements of your window openings and order your shades to fit perfectly within the frame with no gaps or overhang. When ready, they will be installed within your opening.

Any shade works well with bullnose windows. You just have to select the type you like the most for your room. Shades can be found in many colors, patterns, and opacities to coordinate with your rooms and block light. Stylish shades of woven reed or bamboo filter light and bring a natural feel to your room. Instead, you might install trendy cellular shades to ward off cold air and keep your space warmer.

Woman admiring plantation shutters

Dress Up And Insulate Your Bullnose Windows With Plantation Shutters

When your attention is more centered around the window treatments on your Fort Myers bullnose windows than the windows’ round corners, have a discussion with your window treatment sales reps regarding plantation shutters. They are skilled in the proper methods to install shutters on a frame that covers the outer lip of your opening. When going this route you will cover the rounded curves of your bullnose windows, but plantation shutters are an architectural feature all their own. Select between appealing white Polywood® shutters or various colors of hardwood Ovation® shutters to coordinate with your decor.

Fort Myers customers prefer Polywood shutters for their adaptability and eco-friendly properties. The fact that they don’t use cords means they are simpler to adjust than various types of blinds, and they provide a tighter seal to prevent the intrusion of sunlight. You have the option to swing the panels closed and tilt open their louvers for partial light or keep the louvers closed for a space that is almost entirely dark. Carefully engineered composite shutters keep drafts out as well with their exclusive weatherstripping technology. They insulate your windows better than other window treatments to create a more efficient property.

Versatile faux-wood shutters are perfect for any type of window as well. When your bullnose windows are found in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, Polywood shutters will hold up against moisture from the steamy environment. They won’t lose their color in sun-splashed areas or suffer cracking as temperatures fluctuate at various times of the year.

Polywood® blinds in an office

Find Window Treatments For Your Fort Myers Bullnose Windows At Sunburst Shutters Fort Myers

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