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White Roman shades in a dining room.

When To Put Roman Window Shades In Fort Myers

December 06, 2022

Distinctive Roman shades combine the elegance of drapery with the easy function of window shades. It’s not surprising that Fort Myers families admire them! But you may wonder how to integrate these sought-after window treatments in your rooms. Fortunately, versatile Roman shades look fantastic in most rooms of your house. As soon as you have an understanding how to use them and where they should go, you’ll be set to install your own custom Roman shades.

How Roman Shades Work

Modern Roman shades in a corner of an office.

Roman shades function much like regular roller shades in Fort Myers. Just pull them down to cover your windows, then move them up to get sunlight and a view. You can pick between pull-cords or pull-bars to manuever them. You will also find motorized Roman shades that move up and down with the simple touch of a remote.

The appeal of Roman shades is derived from the folds and pleats that are similar to drapery, offering an inspired soft highlight to your windows. Sold in different materials, you can select the amount of privacy and light management you wish to have. Sheer fabrics will permit a softer light. More opaque materials will obstruct most exterior light and keep people outside from seeing in.

Where To Put Roman Shades In Your Fort Myers Residence

Navy blue Roman shades in a corner of a modernly decorated living room.

You can put Roman shades in virtually any space area that you want. Their straightforward elegance is suitable for many popular interior design styles, and it’s not hard to discover them in tones and patterns to suit your tastes. They’re a cinch to operate as well, so it’s smart to put them in spots where you regularly need to alter light or privacy levels.

Roman shades are a sensible alternative to formal drapery or curtains that look too fancy or are difficult to clean. They add to the ambience of parlors and living rooms where you may entertain guests. They bring an air of sophistication but offer command over sunlight and privacy. You can simply manipulate them if sun rays are getting in guests’ faces or for privacy as your friends stay to converse around the dinner table for hours on end.

Roman shades also add a little allure to your bedroom. The neat folds of the fabric fit right in with your cozy bedding. They are usually a great deal more extravagant than the standard blinds numerous residents use in bedrooms and are a welcome alternative to curtains. Select nontransparent Roman window shades in Fort Myers if you want to put them in bedrooms. The solid material will impede light when you’re sleeping.

When Not To Put Up Roman Shades

White Polywood shutters in a corner of a beige dining room.

Roman shades look fantastic in every area, but they may not sustain very well under particular circumstances. For instance, textile window shades don’t work well in humid bathrooms. The moisture in the air causes their material to wear out in the long run, and wet fabric attracts mold.

In addition, your Roman shades are likely to get stained in a window above your kitchen sink where they will be sprayed with water, other liquids, and food. They may also not withstand long-term in particularly hot settings. If you would like attractive window treatments in these areas or in warmer climates, try water-repellent and tough Polywood® interior shutters, and put aside your textile Roman shades for somewhere else.

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