Plantation Shutters for French Doors in Fort Myers

Windows aren’t the only places you can use plantation shutters – french doors make great use of custom shutters as well. If your home has doors that open out to your patio and you want to cover the glass for better lighting or looks, you might be in the market for shutters. Combine dazzling home fashion with usability when you choose Fort Myers’s favorite plantation shutters for your french patio doors.


Why are shutters great for french doors?

Homeowners have a lot of choices for french door window treatments in Fort Myers. Some Fort Myers homeowners go with shades or blinds, but a lot of those have some serious downsides. Both styles of blinds (standard or vertical) swing and rattle against the door anytime it’s opened, whereas curtains or draperies snag and can get caught in the door.

Interior shutters on the other hand don’t have those downsides. Rather than cluttering up your patio door, they’re more like part of the door, fixed directly onto the frame. It’s more than that, though. Plantation shutters for french doors offer benefits that most homeowners don’t even know about until they experience them in person. 
French Door Shutters Offer Better Control over Lighting

Shutters let you control natural light better than blinds, shades, or any other option. Get as much or as little sunlight coming into your home, at any angle you want. Going from full light to no light is as easy as tilting the louvers, without wasting time messing with cords or wands.

French Door Shutters Maintain Your Privacy

Want to keep outside eyes from seeing through your patio door? Shutters have what you’re looking for. Blinds almost always can be seen through at some angle, and curtains let outsiders see silhouettes from inside. Shutters are the ultimate privacy protector.

Easy to Match Colors & Design With French Door Shutters

Is your french door the focus of your room, or do you like to move eyes away from it? Regardless, custom plantation shutters can help you achieve your perfect design. Color match the shutter to your baseboard trim to accentuate your room’s style, or pick a bright white shutter for a pop in the room.

Fort Myers living room french door 

Pick from Polywood® faux wood shutters, Ovation® natural wood shutters, and more from Sunburst Shutters Fort Myers.

French Door Shutters With Custom Door Handle Cut-Outs

With drapes or curtains, you’ll need to move them around to use the door handle. But that’s not a concern with shutters!

Fort Myers french door handle cutoutFort Myers french door handle cutout

To make sure your shutters are both beautiful and practical, we can offer either square door handle cut-outs or rounded door handle cut-outs to give you access to the door handle.

Custom-Built for Any Patio Door

Sunburst shutters are custom made specifically for your french door. Shades, drapes, and blinds will require a good amount of space around the door for railings to hang. But regardless of how much space there is around your door, plantation shutters can work. We use a proprietary 3D building software to design your shutters, then hand build them to ensure a seamless fit for your door and your lifestyle.

Want to Know More About French Door Shutters?

Get all your questions about french door shutters and patio door window treatments answered by one of our experts. Call us at 239-208-6577 or use the form below to reach out – Sunburst Fort Myers is here to help!